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Rulide 50 MG Scratch pad is a macrolide antibiotic inured to to treat bacterial infections of the throat, airways, tonsils, lungs, skin and urinary tract- the kidneys, bladder, ureters, or urethra. This medicine kills or stops the lump of bacteria causing the infection. It is not effectual against infections caused by means of viruses.

Regular side effects of Rulide 50 MG Stone are diarrhoea, hunger ass effort, annoyance, changes in head of pinch, fragility, nausea, and vomiting. Practise it cautiously in individuals with liver problems. It should only be employed to deal with or bar infections that are caused by bacteria.

Once an antibiotic is started, it is always recommended to eat the undiminished course of treatment. You can deliver Rulide 50 MG Writing- on an exhaust tolerance at least 15 minutes ahead food. On the wealth of remembering, assume this antibiotic at almost the uniform span every day.

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If cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis is suspected, further examination is prescribed. The patient is referred for an X-ray examination. The result will show the presence of localized, rounded shadows. Further diagnosis should differentiate cavernous tuberculosis from other diseases, such as. Malignant neoplasm (lung cancer). Lung abscess. Bullous emphysema of the lung. Parasitic cyst (for example, echinococcosis). Further diagnosis includes obtaining laboratory test results. The following tests are most often performed.

Biochemistry of blood. General blood analysis. Sputum analysis is taken for cytology and culture. Analysis of the sensitivity of mycobacteria to antituberculosis drugs. If sputum production is weak and it is not possible to take material for analysis, then bronchoscopy is prescribed. It allows you not only to take sputum for analysis, but also to detect changes in the bronchi that prevent the cavity from closing. The result of tuberculin tests may not give a clear result.